[R] problem with BRugs

R Heberto Ghezzo, Dr heberto.ghezzo at mcgill.ca
Mon Aug 24 18:26:55 CEST 2009

Hello, I am sorry, I have this problem before and Uwe send me the answer but I misplaced it and can not find it.
writing a model for BRugs

> library(BRugs)
Loading required package: coda
Loading required package: lattice
Welcome to BRugs running on OpenBUGS version 3.0.3
> setwd("c:/tmp")
Error in setwd("c:/tmp") : cannot change working directory
> mo <- function(){
+   for (k in 1:p){
+     delta[1,k] ~ dnorm(0,0.1)I(,delta[2,k])
Error: unexpected symbol in:
"  for (k in 1:p){
    delta[1,k] ~ dnorm(0,0.1)I"
>     delta[2,k] ~ dnorm(0,0.1)I(delta[1,k],delta[3,k])
Error: unexpected symbol in "    delta[2,k] ~ dnorm(0,0.1)I"
>     delta[3,k] ~ dnorm(0,0.1)I(delta[2,k],)}
Error: unexpected symbol in "    delta[3,k] ~ dnorm(0,0.1)I"
> }
Error: unexpected '}' in "}"

so R parser does not like the I(,) construct, What is the alternative way of propgramming the
constrain I(lower,upper)
Heberto Ghezzo

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