[R] Help on comparing two matrices

Michael Kogan michael.kogan at gmx.net
Sun Aug 23 22:14:35 CEST 2009

Thanks for all the replies!

Steve: I don't know whether my suggestion is a good one. I'm quite new 
to programming, have absolutely no experience and this was the only one 
I could think of. :-) I'm not sure whether I'm able to put your tips 
into practice, unfortunately I had no time for much reading today but 
I'll dive into it tomorrow.

David: To be honest I don't understand your code yet, but the result is 
not equivalent to the original matrix since the row sums don't match, 
isn't it? Or is it intended like this? I'll try to ask Google (or rather 
RSeek) tomorrow to understand your code. :-)

Ted: Wow, that's heavy reading. In fact the matrices that I need to 
compare are incidence matrices so I suppose it's exactly the thing I 
need, but I don't know if I have the basics knowledge to understand this 
paper within the next months.

Gabor: To sort the matrices in the same way and then to compare them 
element by element was my intent, too. I don't understand your code yet, 
but it seems similar to David's proposal, at least the results seem to 
be the same.

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