[R] how to plot a gains chart in R?

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Sun Aug 23 16:53:41 CEST 2009

Since I have been clueless about "gains chart" in Google and found your 
  question message within the first two pages of output, I have the 
impression that not very many other readers hearded about it. Reading 
fruther on shows that it might be very related to ROC curves and AUC 
calculations, hence I's suggest to investigate the ROCR package on CRAN.

Best wishes;
uwe Ligges

clue_less wrote:
> I have 1000 oberved binary reponses Y, and I also have 1000 predictited
> probabilities predicted_prob (between 0 and 1) for those observed reponses.
> How can I plot a gain chart in R?
> Thanks.

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