[R] Several simple but hard tasks to do with R

Rakknar aliengenesis at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 20 16:51:42 CEST 2009


Thanks for your help. I'll try to clarify some of your doubts

"1. logs. help.search("history") and ?savehistory shows you that R does
exactly what you want very easily (depending on the platform, which contrary
to the posting guide's request, you did not tell us)."

I've already find out about the "history" tool but it was not useful because
it only register commands, not output from the commands. The commands are
already stored in scripts (I use Tinn-R, I don't know if you would recommend
me other) what I want to do it's to store de commands AND the outputs from
each. I use the Windows version by the way.

"2. saving data.  ?save would show you how this can be trivially done
manually. ?addTaskCallback , an admittedly more sophisticated and less
well-known approach, would show you how this can be done simply and

As I said I've used the save command but, at least for now, I only could
save one object in the .Rdata file or several at once but what I want to do
it's to save them step by step saving them in the same .Rdata file. When
trying to do this the save command overwrites the .Rdata file and stores the
new object.

"3. Conditional execution. R is a programming language! It is
to write a little program that does exactly what you want using R's built in
file system functionality. ?files will tell you what's available; I believe
file.exists() is what you want in a construct like

if(file.exists(yourfile.rdata))lm(...,data = read(yourfile.rdata))"

Thanks. I was trying not to start making commands for R (after all making
them after only a month seems a huge task for be but if there is no other

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