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Ottorino-Luca Pantani ottorino-luca.pantani at unifi.it
Thu Aug 20 10:48:05 CEST 2009

Rakknar ha scritto:
>     Hello everybody. I've been learning R for about a month to do a
> econometric study and now i'm stuck with some problems to make R do the
> things I want. Here I give the list of things I wanna do from the most
> simple to the more complex (for me of course):
> 1. Make a log. I've been using Stata and there i have a great tool to
> register what the program do: the log file, wich it's a simple .txt file
> where Stata writes every output it makes (not graphics of course). When I
> wanted to make the same thing with R I started to use the function sink()
> but it only register the results of the commands (summaries for example) and
> not the commands itself, witch it's really uncomfortable because it's harder
> to find out to witch command that results come from.
> 2. Saving objects in a .Rdata step by step. I want to save several
> regressions of interest in one .Rdata file. I want to save this results one
> by one. For example: make regression 1, save the result in the .Rdata file;
> then make the regression 2 and save the results in the same .Rdata file. I
> know I could make all the regressions and save the results all at once but
> for the kind of study I want to make It would be much useful this way. I've
> been using function save() but I only could save one result or all.
As far as I can understand, you are running the commands from the 
command line, right ?
I did this at the very beginning, but then I realize that are better way 
of dealing with R, that is let R do the calculations and other software 
do the editing of the scripts, saving data, code and so on.

Consider the use of emacs + ESS + R.
This will complicate things a little more, (A LOT !) but you will not 
regret the time spent in learning.
Emacs will be useful in MANY other ways.

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