[R] Rcompression on Omegahat

Duncan Temple Lang duncan at wald.ucdavis.edu
Wed Aug 19 02:34:57 CEST 2009

Hi Stanley

  Yes, I install it on my macs and need it as part of working
with .docx, .xlsx files and downloading content via RCurl. So it
gets some exercise and does work on Intel Macs.  (Although my systems
are always non-standard!)

   You will have to give us more information about what the problems
are.  What is the output from the install.packages() command?
What is the output/result when you load the package with


We need more information than "does not work"  .


Stanley Chu wrote:
> Hi, 
> Has anyone successfully installed Rcompression on Intel-based Mac? 
> I used the command:
> install.packages(
> 	pkgs = in.file, 
> 	repos = NULL,
> 	contriburl = NULL
> )
> where in.file is the path to Rcompression_0.6-0.tar.gz on local drive.
> It did not return error messages, but library("Rcompression") does not work.
> It looked like Rcompression was not installed properly, or I should say not
> installed. 
> I'll really appreciate if anyone can share some tips ....
> Thanks,
> Stanley

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