[R] using package tm to find phrases

Ingo Feinerer feinerer at logic.at
Fri Aug 14 00:11:50 CEST 2009

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 03:36:22PM -0400, Mark Kimpel wrote:
> I am using the package "tm" for text-mining of abstracts and would like to use
> it to find instances of gene names that may contain white space. For instance
> "gene regulatory protein 1". The default behavior of tm is to parse this into 4
> separate words, but I would like to use the class constructor "dictionary" to
> define phrases such as just mentioned.
> Is this possible? If so, how?


* In case you only need to find instances, you could use full text
  search on your corpus, e.g.

  R> tmIndex(yourCorpus, "gene regulatory protein 1")

  would return the indices of all documents in your corpus containing
  this phrase.

* If you need tokens (in a term-document matrix) of length 4, you could
  use a n-gram tokenizer (n = 4). See e.g.,
  http://tm.r-forge.r-project.org/faq.html#Bigrams. Then you can use
  the dictionary argument to store only your selection of gene
  names. I.e., something like

  R> yourTokenizer <- function(x) RWeka::NGramTokenizer(x, Weka_control(min = 4, max = 4))
  R> TermDocumentMatrix(crude, control = list(tokenize = yourTokenizer, dictionary = yourDictionary))

  where yourDictionary contains the gene names (a character vector
  suffices) to be included in the term-document matrix.

* If you want to extract arbitrary patterns of different length that
  could match some gene names (and build a dictionary from that), you
  need some custom functionality. Regular expressions might be a good
  starting point ...

Best regards, Ingo

Ingo Feinerer
Vienna University of Technology

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