[R] Fitting a quasipoisson distribution to univariate data

Nigel Harding nigel.harding at phonecoop.coop
Thu Aug 13 19:43:17 CEST 2009

Dear all,
I am analyzing counts of seabirds made from line transects at sea.

I have been fitting Poisson and negative binomial distributions to the data
using the goodfit function from the vcd library. I would also like to
evaluate how well a quasi-poisson distribution fits the data. However, none
of the potentially suitable functions I have identified (goodfit(vcd),
fitdistr(MASS), fit.dist(gnlm)) includes the quasipoisson distribution as
one of their standard named distributions. Is the way forward to supply an
appropriate density function to fitdistr, or is there some easier way to fit
a quasipoisson distribution?

Many thanks

Nigel Harding
Craigton Ecological Services
48 Craigend Drive West
Glasgow G62 7BG
T: 0141 956 4636
M: 07980 479261

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