[R] [R-pkgs] dcemri: A package for medical image analysis

Brandon.J.Whitcher at gsk.com Brandon.J.Whitcher at gsk.com
Thu Aug 13 11:31:11 CEST 2009

dcemri 0.10 has been released on CRAN

"dcemri" is (to the best of my knowledge) the first public-domain software 
package for the quantitative analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI 
(DCE-MRI) and diffusion-weighted MRI (DW-MRI or DWI).  Data import and 
export is availble for ANALYZE or NIfTI data formats (sorry, no DICOM). 
Images are stored in neurological format regardless of the "handedness" of 
the data; i.e., simple reflections are allowed via the q-form or s-form 
codes in NIfTI.

Software development is currently under SourceForge via


A mailing list has been established and feedback is appreciated.

Functionality includes:

Motion correction and co-registration via "fast template matching"
T1 quantification via multiple flip-angle acquistions (inversion recovery 
coming soon!)
Conversion to gadolinium contrast agent concentration
Parametric models for the arterial input function (AIF), both 
literature-based (Tofts-Kermode and Fritz-Hansen) and data-adaptive.
Kinetic parameter estimation using a variety of compartmental models 
(e.g., Kety, extended Kety, etc.)
Estimation via nonlinear regression (Levenburg-Marquardt optimization) or 
Bayesian methods (MCMC)
Semi-parametric methods via Bayesian P-splines (MCMC)

A detailed vignette has been included as a "tutorial" for the package and 
permission was obtained to include the simulated data from Buckley (2002; 
MRM).  Basic NIfTI data sets have also been provided.



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