[R] Help with the internal functions

Kaiyu Shen ks280007 at ohio.edu
Mon Aug 10 22:52:44 CEST 2009

Hi, folks:
I have used R for some time and have not explore deep inside the codes
of the packages.
Today, I try to modify some code in a package of arrayQuality (I do not
think it matters which package it is).
There is a function called maQualityPlots and I use fix(maQualityPlots)
that I can view and edit the code of this function.
However, there is another function qpMAPlots that I want to edit, 
1. I type in ?qpMAPlots, it says:

Internal functions       package:arrayQuality       R Documentation

Internal arrayQuality functions


     Internal arrayQuality functions


     These are not to be called by the user.


2. I try to fix(qpMAPlots) and it gives me:

3. I type in getAnywhere(qpMAPlots), it shows the code, but how should I
edit it?

Does anybody have idea of what should I do?
I have no prior experience on editing the codes of an existed package so
please some body could help me with this.

Best Regards

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