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Hi Deepayan,

Thank for you reply.
I am a little bit confused now. In the one hand, the trellis.device function has lost his bg argument as explained in the Note section of ?trellis.device, but the background info provided by a theme does not seem to impact the background of the device. In the other hand, png has a bg argument that works great but no "theme" capabilities as far as I could see.

Do you see a way to reconcile both sides of the problem?


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On 8/5/09, pomchip at free.fr <pomchip at free.fr> wrote:
> Just replying to bring back some attention on my post, which might have slept
> through on Saturday.
>  Thank you for your help.
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>  Dear R-users,
>  I am trying to produce trellis (png, or jpeg) graphs with transparent background, but
>  I cannot manage to make that happen. I tried to play around with themes but to no
>  avail. Any advise on the following example will be greatly appreciated:

This has nothing to do with trellis, your png device must be set up
with a transparent canvas when it is started. See the second paragraph
in the "Details" section of ?png, but basically

png("test.png", bg = "transparent")


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