[R] Revolutions blog: July Roundup

David M Smith david at revolution-computing.com
Tue Aug 4 19:21:42 CEST 2009

I write about R every weekday at the Revolutions blog:

In case you missed them, here are some articles from last month of
particular interest to R users.

http://bit.ly/2HPlOe announced a directory of R user groups available
on the Revolutions blog.

http://bit.ly/12u7e7 noted that the Society of Actuaries promotes R
with a regular column.

http://bit.ly/Kh8eL noted that the New York Times mentioned R in the
context of SPSS's sale to IBM (as did several other media outlets).

http://bit.ly/4yJ5Zf offered a review of the BioConductor 2009
conference, and linked to my slides on parallel programming with R.

http://bit.ly/kLSyJ linked to the "Rosetta Code" site, where you can
see standard computing problems solved in many languages, including R.

http://bit.ly/YmG28 linked to John D Cook's tip-sheet for programmers
of other languages learning R.

http://bit.ly/fRVgM contended that working with interesting data --
like the top 100 song list -- is a good way to learn R.

http://bit.ly/12yRwd noted that R had a significant presence at the
open-source conference OSCON this year, and linked to slides of R

http://bit.ly/PhtiK linked to an example of web-scraping using R and Rcurl.

http://bit.ly/N0mbO provides some examples of using iterators in R.

http://bit.ly/B4vR noted that Forbes has identified R as an
open-source venture "worth watching".

http://bit.ly/ym6QN links to an O'Reilly interview with REvolution's
Danese Cooper, talking about Open Government and R.

http://bit.ly/1abbqc showed how one website is using R to improve
performance through analysis of DNS lookup times.

http://bit.ly/GkKw4 offered a review of the UseR! 2009 conference
overall, and http://bit.ly/BcZCW discussed some of the presentations.

http://bit.ly/n788Q prompted a discussion about solving the Knapsack
Problem in R.

http://bit.ly/yuryk pointed to the Learning R blog, where a comparison
of ggplo2 and lattice graphics is ongoing.

http://bit.ly/JfZAk noted that presentations from the Rmetrics
financial conference are available for download.

http://bit.ly/QxXIB noted another instance of R being used at Google
(for boxplots).

(I've provided short URLs above because many mailers break the long
direct URLs.)

Other non-R-specific stories in July covered power-law distributions,
temporal illusions, game theory, commercial open-source, the Netflix
prize, and ferrofluid. The R Community Calendar has also been updated

It's been a bit of a quiet month on the blog thanks to the conference
travel time-crunch, but things should be back to normal (or at least
skew-Normal) now. Thanks to everyone who provided comments and tips
and please keep them coming to david at revolution-computing.com . (If
you sent me a suggestion and haven't had a response yet, I'm *almost*
through my email backlog - apologies for the delay.)

Regards to all,
# David Smith

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