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Date: 2009/8/4
Subject: Re: Package boolean on CRAN
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Thanks for your enquiries.  Boolean is under active development, and
we should have a new release on CRAN soon; we'll be happy to notify
you when it's up.  It may be delayed as I am out of the office until

Thanks for your interest.  I'd appreciate it if you'd post this
information to the r-help list (or send it to anyone else who needs it
directly) as my Internet connection is excruciatingly slow.

Best regards,
Bear Braumoeller

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On Aug 2, 2009, at 8:38 PM, "Carlos J. Gil Bellosta"
<cgb at datanalytics.com> wrote:

> Dear Prof. Braumoeller,
> I am writing to you as I have realized that the R package "boolean" that
> you maintained on CRAN has become orphaned and unavailable.
> This happens when, after a new version of R arrives, there are some
> checks that the package does not pass and the author can no longer be
> contacted.
> I do not know whether you are still interested in this piece of code. It
> is a pity, though, that it becomes unavailable while there are some
> people asking for it in the R-help lists.
> If you are still interested in it, I would appreciate if you would take
> the steps to make it available again. If you have no time or you are not
> interested in it any more, I would gladly volunteer to maintain it and
> make the appropriate fixes so that it becomes available to the community
> again.
> Best regards,
> Carlos J. Gil Bellosta
> http://www.datanalytics.com

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