[R] scatterplot3d bug??

Vivek Ayer vivek.ayer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 20:12:41 CEST 2009

Hey guys,

Not sure if I encountered a bug with the scatterplot3d function.
Here's the calls I made:

s3d1 <- scatterplot3d(TotLogDisttenp,TotDifftenp,TotMeasuredRSLtenp,pch=16,highlight.3d=TRUE,angle=40,type="h",main="MRSL
~ LogDist + Diff");
s3d1 <- scatterplot3d(TotLogDisttenp,TotDifftenp,TotMeasuredRSLtenp,pch=16,highlight.3d=TRUE,angle=130,type="h",main="MRSL
~ LogDist + Diff");
s3d1 <- scatterplot3d(TotLogDisttenp,TotDifftenp,TotMeasuredRSLtenp,pch=16,highlight.3d=TRUE,angle=210,type="h",main="MRSL
~ LogDist + Diff");
s3d1 <- scatterplot3d(TotLogDisttenp,TotDifftenp,TotMeasuredRSLtenp,pch=16,highlight.3d=TRUE,angle=310,type="h",main="MRSL
~ LogDist + Diff");

Essentially four plots showing the data from different angles. This
includes the fit plane. The first two graphs make sense, but for the
latter two, the fit plane is not making sense.

Take a look at the attached png.

Is it a bug?

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