[R] odfWeave : sudden and unexplained error

Emmanuel Charpentier charpent at bacbuc.dyndns.org
Sat Aug 1 23:13:46 CEST 2009

Dear list, dear Max,

I a currently working on a report. I'm writing it with OpenOffice.org
and odfWeave. I'm working increentally : I write a bit, test
(interactively) some ideas, cutting-and-pasting code to the Ooo report
when satisfied with it. I the process, I tend to recompile the .odt
source a *lot*.

Suddenly, odfWeave started to give me an incomprehensible error even
before starting the compilation itself (InFile is my inut .odt file,
Outfile is the resultant .odt file) :

> odfWeave(InFile, OutFile)
  Copying  SrcAnalyse1.odt 
  Setting wd to  /tmp/RtmphCUkSf/odfWeave01225949667 
  Unzipping ODF file using unzip -o SrcAnalyse1.odt 
Archive:  SrcAnalyse1.odt
 extracting: mimetype                
  inflating: content.xml             
  inflating: layout-cache            
  inflating: styles.xml              
 extracting: meta.xml                
  inflating: Thumbnails/thumbnail.png  
  inflating: Configurations2/accelerator/current.xml  
   creating: Configurations2/progressbar/
   creating: Configurations2/floater/
   creating: Configurations2/popupmenu/
   creating: Configurations2/menubar/
   creating: Configurations2/toolbar/
   creating: Configurations2/images/Bitmaps/
   creating: Configurations2/statusbar/
  inflating: settings.xml            
  inflating: META-INF/manifest.xml   

  Removing  SrcAnalyse1.odt 
  Creating a Pictures directory

  Pre-processing the contents
Erreur : cc$parentId == parentId is not TRUE
Perusing the documentation and the r-help list archives didn't turn up
anything relevant. This error survived restarting OOo, restarting R,
restarting its enclosing Emacs session and even rebooting the damn

Any idea ?

					Emmanuel Charpentier

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