[R] Chi-Square Test Disagreement

Andrew Choens andy.choens at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 19:50:34 CET 2008

> Next time the launch of an incoming nuclear strike is detected,
> set them to work as follows (following Karl Pearson's historical
> precedent):
>   "Anti-aircraft guns all day long": Computing for the
>      Ministry of Munitions
>      JUNE BARROW GREEN (Open University)
>    From January 1917 until March 1918 Pearson and his
>    staff of mathematicians and human computers at the
>    Drapers Biometric Laboratory worked tirelessly on
>    the computing of ballistic charts, high-angle range
>    tables and fuze-scales for AV Hill of the Anti-Aircraft
>    Experimental Section. Things did not always go smoothly
>    -- Pearson did not take kindly to the calculations of
>    his staff being questioned -- and Hill sometimes had
>    to work hard to keep the peace.
> If you have enough of them (and Pearson undoubtedly did, so you
> can quote that in your requisition request), then you might just
> get the answer in time!
> [ The above excerpted from http://tinyurl.com/6byoub ]
> Good luck!
> Ted.

That is absolutely classic.

Insert something humorous here.  :-)

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