[R] AD Model Builder now freely available

Rubén Roa-Ureta rroa at udec.cl
Tue Nov 25 19:55:19 CET 2008

dave fournier wrote:
> Hi All,
> Following Mike Praeger's posting on this list,
> I'm happy to pass on that AD Model Builder is now freely available from
> the ADMB Foundation.
>      http://admb-foundation.org/
> Two areas where AD Model builder would be especially useful to R users
> are multi-parmater smooth optimization as in larg scale maximum
> likelihood estimation and the analysis of general nonlinear random
> effects models.
>     Cheers,
>      Dave
Thank you Dave, this is really great news!
So now I can download ADMB and ADMB-RE for free?
And use Mike's X2R package to connect my ADMB scripts with the power of R.
Only one word: awesome!

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