[R] unable to view vignette in R

Lionel Brooks Lionel.Brooks at dartmouth.edu
Sat Nov 15 20:45:29 CET 2008

Hello All R-Gurus:

Cannot view R vignettes due in Ubuntu Linux (a debian variant).
note: this issue has been posted to this list before with no responses given
see https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/2007-September/141178.html

I am trying to view an R vignette.
Here is the situation: I issue the openvignette(), then select the 
vignette I wish to view...and the system returns:

"Could not get a file descriptor referring to the console."

This action should spawn a ps viewer displaying the contents of the 
vignette for my enjoyment.
I suspect it may have something to do with the call to the postscript 
viewer application.
Is there a simple way to change this behavior within R?

Any Thoughts?

Here is the copy paste of my session


 > openVignette()
Please select a vignette: 

 1: annotate - Annotation Overview
 2: annotate - Basic GO Usage
 3: annotate - HowTo: Get HTML Output
 4: annotate - HowTo: use chromosomal information
 5: annotate - HOWTO: Use the online query tools
 6: annotate - Using Affymetrix Probe Level Data
 7: annotate - Using Data Packages
 8: annotate - Using the homology package
 9: AnnotationDbi - AnnotationDbi
10: AnnotationDbi - SQLForge
11: Biobase - An introduction to Biobase and ExpressionSets
12: Biobase - Bioconductor Overview
13: Biobase - esApply Introduction
14: Biobase - Notes for eSet developers
15: Biobase - Notes for writing introductory 'how to' documents
16: Biobase - quick views of eSet instances
17: geneplotter - How to assemble a chromLocation object
18: geneplotter - Visualization of Microarray Data
19: xtable - xtable Gallery

Selection: 17)
 > Couldnt get a file descriptor referring to the console
Could not get a file descriptor referring to the console

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