[R] I want my row name to be a variable

CE.KA ce.kaya75 at yahoo.fr
Sat Nov 15 23:34:27 CET 2008

Hi R users

Imagine this data.frame:

    Var1    Var2
A   22       13
B    5         2
C    12       8
D    1        99

A,B,C,D are the rows names (or index)

Is there a way to create a new variable in this data frame
which name is Var3 and which contains the rows names:

    Var1    Var2    Var3
A   22       13        A
B    5         2         B
C    12       8         C
D    1        99        D

I tried as.data.frame(array(x, dim(x), dimnames(x)))
but it doesn'work

Sincerely yours

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