[R] congratulations, Ross

Thomas Lumley tlumley at u.washington.edu
Tue Nov 11 22:02:45 CET 2008


Pickering Medal

To recognise excellence and innovation in the practical application of 

Awarded by the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Associate Professor Ross Ihaka, Department of Statistics, The University 
of Auckland

Associate Professor Ross Ihaka is one the originators of R, a software 
package for statistical computing that has had phenomenal uptake 
internationally.  It can be downloaded free and easily customised for a 
very wide variety of applications.  The package and the paper introducing 
it have been cited over 1700 times, by far the highest for publications in 
the mathematical sciences over the last ten years, worldwide.  It is now 
disseminated from over 75 internet sites in 30 countries.

The package is used both for teaching and research by hundreds of 
universities around the world, including Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge and 
Berkeley. There are over 40 books written about, or featuring, the use of 

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