[R] For Loop - loading 10 sets of data and calculating

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Fri Nov 7 19:48:16 CET 2008

I am trying to simplify my code by adding a for loop that will load and
compute a sequence of code 10 time.  They way i run it now is that the same
8 lines of code are basically reproduced 10 times.  I would like to replace
the numeric value in the code (e.g. Bin1, Bin2....Bin10) each time the loop
goes around.  Below i tried doing this with a simple for loop and adding the
string character before each numeric value.  I need to first load the data
then calculate, im sure this is possible as i have seen it done but cant
seem to reproduce it in my own code.  Hope my question is clear and i hope
someone can offer some guidance.


for (i in 1:10) {


#Loads bin data frame from csv files with acres and TAZ data
Bin$i_main <-

#Separates Acres data from main data and converts acres to square feet

#Separates TAZ data from main data 

#Separates TAZ data from main data and converts acres to square feet

#Sums each parcel acreage data of the bin

#Creates data frame of cumlative percentages of each parcel of bin

#Calculates the probability of choosing particular parcel from bin

#Combines parcel acreage data and cumlative percentage data
Bin$iMain.data = cbind(Bin%i_Acres,Bin$i_parprob,Bin$i_TAZ,Bin$i_TAZvacant)

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