[R] Noobie question, regression across levels

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Wed Dec 17 15:32:47 CET 2008

AllenL wrote:
> Much thanks! This helped a lot. Another quick one:
> In using the lmList function in the nlme package, is it possible to subset
> my data according to the number of observations in each level? (ie. I
> obviously want to include only those levels in which the observations are
> of sufficient size for regression). What is the best way to exclude
> factors of insufficient size? Can I do it inside the lmList function? I've
> read the requisite help files etc. and two hours later am still confused.
> Thanks in advance,
> Allen

 Don't know if you can do it directly in lmList, but:

splitdat <- split(mydata,splitfactor)
lengths <- sapply(splitdat,nrow)  ## NOT sapply(splitdat,length)
splitdat <- splitdat[lengths>minlength]
lmfun <- function(d) { lm(y~x,data=d) }
myLmList <- lapply(splitdat,lmfun) 


lengths <- sapply(split(mydata,splitfactor),nrow)
badlevels <- levels(splitfactor)[lengths<minlength]
subdata <- subset(mydata,!splitfactor %in% badlevels)

  and then proceed with lmList

  of course, I didn't test any of this ...

 Ben Bolker
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