[R] Some clarificatins of anova() and summary ()

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Sun Dec 14 18:25:12 CET 2008

Tanmoy Talukdar wrote:
> I think now I have got some understanding of the things.
> y ~ x1+x2 first adds x1 to the model and then adds x2 .
> But y~x2+x1 adds x2 first, so the value we get are different.
> please correct me if i am wrong.

 You are not wrong.  However, you're wearing out your welcome
a bit by posting very frequent messages to the list. I'd strongly
recommend that you find some more help locally, or find a
copy of Peter Dalgaard's "Introductory Statistics with R",
and try to work through some of these problems on your own
a bit more.  If you can demonstrate that you've really gone
away and read and thought about these things, and articulate
what still doesn't make sense to you about the way R is doing
things, and that we are not simply answering homework questions,
you will probably get useful answers ...

  good luck,
    Ben Bolker

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