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PDXRugger J_R_36 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 13 00:10:32 CET 2008

Good day all, 
    I am having seom trouble building a simple vector.  Below my sample code
shows what ime trying to do and i have pointed out where the issue is.  What
happens not is that a single "TAZDetermine_FEET" is selected by i need
multiple values, as many as there are "cands".  I am thinking that this
should occur within the for loop and add a "TAZDetermine_FEET" to a new
vector ("TAZDs") each time the loop goes round but i cant seem to make it
work using what i know.  Probably simple so sorry and any help will be much
appreciated, been struggling with this for too long.


#test location model TAZs
#Builds test Vacant TAZ vector

#Builds dataframe simulating TAZ_VAC_FEET

#Candidate TAZs from location shoice model

#Create Object of length of cands

#Test Location Choice Model selected TAZ 
for(i in i:candslength){

	#Renames randomly generated TAZ's object

	#Create test Development in Sq. Ft. 

	#Determines vacant square feet by TAZ 
	#Heres my problem...my attempt below is to build a vector of
length-"candslength" of all of the 
	#"TAZDetermine_FEET" values that are less than or equal to Dev_size.

             #heres what i have tried, doesnt get me what i want though
	#TAZDs=vector(mode = "logical", length = candslength)
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