[R] i graph library: how can generates a fully connected graph from a similarity matrix

dinesh kumar barupal at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 02:10:45 CET 2008

Dear R users

I have a similarity matrix 100X100. I used this matrix as adjacency matrix
to generate igraph graph object. Its a fully connected graph. The similarity
score is the weight of the edge. Now I want to remove all possible lowest
scores (edges) but I want to get back a fully connected graph (dont want any
isolated vertex).How can I do it?

Also is there any possibility that I can remove the edges which dont pass a
threshold (below 70% similarity score).

I attached the similarity matrix.

I would appreciate the reply

Thanks in advance


Dinesh Kumar Barupal
Junior Specialist
Metabolomics Fiehn Lab
UCD Genome Center
451 East Health Science Drive
GBSF Builidng
University of California
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