[R] merging data.frames columnwise (rbind with different variables, lengths)

Stefan Uhmann stefan.uhmann at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Thu Dec 11 13:45:42 CET 2008

Dear List,

I have two dataframes with overlapping colnames and want to merge them. 
  Actually, what I want is more similar to rbind, but the dataframes 
differ in their columns. Here are the examples:

df1 <- data.frame(A = c(1,2), B = c("m","f"), C = c("at home", "away"))
df2 <- data.frame(A = c(2), C = c("at home"))

Here the desired result:

   A B        C
1 1 m  at home
2 2 f     away
3 2 NA at home

Thanks for any help,

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