[R] A package to set up a questionnaire & enter data

David Croll david.croll at gmx.ch
Thu Dec 11 12:51:10 CET 2008


For entering data alone, you would not need a package. For simple 
questionnaires, you could write a function.

It could go like this. For example you want to record people's names and 
their ages:

# Sets up an empty database
database <<- c()

enter_data <- function() {
    show("Enter name:")
    name <- as.character(readline())
    show("Enter age:")
    age <- as.numeric(readline())
    # Appends data from one questionnaire to the
    # database
    database <<- rbind(database,data.frame(name,age))
    # Calls the function in order to proceed
    # with another questionnaire
    # stop the function using the "stop" button when you are finished

exporting "database" into a CSV or a text file should not be a problem 
with write.csv() or write.csv2().

Kind regards,

David Croll

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