[R] 2-Y-axes on same plot

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Thu Dec 11 10:02:30 CET 2008

Joe Trubisz wrote:
> Hi...
> Is this possible in R?
> I have 2-sets of data, that were collected simultaneously using 
> 2-different data acquisition schemes.
> The x-values are the same for both.
> The y-values have different ranges (16.4-37.5 using one method, 
> 557-634 using another).
> In theory, if you plot both plots on top of each other, the graphs 
> should overlap. The problem I'm having is trying to have to different 
> sets of y-values appear in the same graph, but scaled in the same 
> vertical space. I've seen this done in publications, but not sure if 
> it can be done in R.
Hi Joe,
Check out twoord.plot in the plotrix package.


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