[R] legend at fixed distance form the bottom

Christophe Genolini cgenolin at u-paris10.fr
Fri Dec 5 14:39:58 CET 2008

Hi the list

I would like to add a legend under a graph but at a fixed distance from 
the graphe. Is it possible ?
More precisely, here is my code :

--- 8< ----
symboles <- c(3,4,5,6)
dn <- rbind(matrix(rnorm(20),,5),matrix(rnorm(20,2),,5))
listSymboles <- rep(symboles,each=2)
legend("bottom", pch = unique(listSymboles), legend = c("ane", "cheval", 
"poney", "mule"), inset = c(0,-0.175), horiz = TRUE, xpd = NA)
--- 8< ----

But when I change the size of the graph, the legend is misplaced.

Instead, I try to put some text in xlab, but I do not know how to get 
the +, x , V and other symbol.
Does anyone got a solution ?

Thanks a lot.


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