[R] Unicode notation \x000

Christoph Heibl christoph.heibl at gmx.net
Mon Aug 25 15:57:51 CEST 2008

Dear list,

I am trying to replace Unicode notation of German and Spanish special  
characters (as read in by read.csv from excel spreadsheets) by  
character strings that can be interpreted by LaTeX.


uni2latex <- function(x){
		x <- gsub("&", "et", x, fixed = TRUE)
		# Deutsch
		x <- gsub("\u0080", "\\\"A", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u008a", "\\\"a", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0085", "\\\"O", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u009a", "\\\"o", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0086", "\\\"U", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u009f", "\\\"u", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("§", "\\ss{}", x, fixed = TRUE)
		# Español
		x <- gsub("\u0084", "\\~N", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0096", "\\~n", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("ç", "\\\'A", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0087", "\\\'a", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0083", "\\\'E", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u008e", "\\\'e", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("ę", "\\\'I", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0092", "\\\'i", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("î", "\\\'O", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u0097", "\\\'o", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("ň", "\\\'U", x, fixed = TRUE)
		x <- gsub("\u009c", "\\\'u", x, fixed = TRUE)

This function works fine for me if I source from a file, but if I try  
to include it into a package, the package cannot be installed:

"Error in parse(n = -1, file = file) : invalid \uxxxx sequence (line  

(1) Why is there a difference between sourcing and package installation?
(2) How can I fix this?
(3) Perhaps there is a more reasonable way for doing this?

I am using R_2.7.1.

   Model Name:	MacBook
   Model Identifier:	MacBook2,1
   Processor Name:	Intel Core 2 Duo
   Processor Speed:	2.16 GHz
   Number Of Processors:	1
   Total Number Of Cores:	2
   L2 Cache (per processor):	4 MB
   Memory:	3 GB
   Bus Speed:	667 MHz
   Boot ROM Version:	MB21.00A5.B07
   SMC Version:	1.17f0
   Serial Number:	W87187FAYA4
   Sudden Motion Sensor:
   State:	Enabled


Christoph Heibl

Systematic Botany
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Menzinger Str. 67
D-80638 München

phone:     +49-(0)89-17861-251
e-mail:    heibl at lmu.de


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