[R] rgl/compiz problem

Marc Schwartz marc_schwartz at comcast.net
Thu Aug 14 21:49:57 CEST 2008

on 08/14/2008 04:53 AM Barry Rowlingson wrote:
> 2008/8/14 Marc Schwartz <marc_schwartz at comcast.net>:
>>> I think it's an Ubuntu bug, because nothing like it occurs anywhere else.
>>>  So I'd suggest you turn off compiz or switch to a reliable OS like Windows
>>> ;-).
>> Gack...  ;-)
>  What do you recommend for multiple desktops in Windows? I've
> currently got six and I use all of them. Anyway...
>> Baz, what kind of graphics chipset do you have?  ATI, nVidia or Intel?
>> nVidia is terrible right now and they are being deservedly flamed left and
>> right on the nVidia Linux fora. Their Linux support has deteriorated notably
>> over the past year or so and is more pronounced with the new version of
>> Xorg. Even the 2D support under Linux is worse than what I have seen on
>> co-workers Linux systems with Intel chipsets that use shared system memory.
>  Opposite problem here - my PC has nVidia graphics with the
> proprietary driver, and the only problem is the mouse action on the
> rgl window. M'colleague has Intel graphcs and his rgl window is mucked
> up beyond all recognition (no visible window decor, no repainting when
> you move it, and so on).
>  For info, lspci says mine is:  nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX
> 5200] and his is: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ

I actually have the mobile version of that same nVidia card.

Now that some of the vendors (eg. Lenovo) have finally begun to announce
laptops with Quad Core Intel CPUs, I am going to be keeping my eye on
the configurations available from the vendors. I will be needing to
replace mine (Dell) later this year and am very loathe to get another
nVidia GPU given my current disposition. Even if it means going with an
Intel GPU that uses shared system memory, given that the Intel drivers
are open source. Though I will also keep an eye on the ATI cards and the
feedback on those, given all these issues.

>  We're both on Ubuntu 7.10 (I may have lied and said 8.04 earlier),
> and I'm a minor kernel revision ahead of him. Maybe an upgrade to
> Hardy will fix all this. I'm getting a new machine soon and this will
> be something I'll use to test the config anyway.

What version of Xorg are you running? If it is not the 1.5 devel version
that Fedora 9 uses, that might be why your behavior is somewhat more
stable. Besides the longer standing bugs that nVidia has yet to fix
relative to Compiz, the new Xorg version that Fedora is running really
messed things up and nVidia has been rather slow to get up to speed.
That is despite the fact that the new Xorg ABI has been stable and
published for some time.

>> I agree with Duncan in that you should disable any of the
>> compiz/compiz-fusion features, which add significant overhead and put a
>> strain on the graphics drivers. Worse if it is nVidia in their current
>> state.
>  Awwww. I want wobbly windows! (Actually, no, all I use is six
> desktops, which I could switch without needing a rotating cube, and
> the expose' clone window switcher. And occasional transparency
> tweaks.)
Just shake your head violently from side to side as you drag windows
with your mouse and you will get the same effect...




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