[R] clim.pact: change group of stations object into a field

Irina Foss Irina.Foss at thurso.uhi.ac.uk
Wed Oct 31 17:15:05 CET 2007

I have a question about one of the functions from package clim.pact.
I am planning to perform canonical correlation analysis (CCA) with temperature stations data, I want to use clim.pact package for that. As I understood I should be able to use the function stations2field in order to group my stations objects into a field, so that I can include the result in CCA analysis.

If I have stations objects bute.obj,braemar.obj,lerwick.obj (I have more, but this is just an example) and I write the code:

> field.obj<-stations2field(data.set=list(bute=bute.obj,braemar=braemar.obj,lerwick=lerwick.obj))

I receive the following message:

[1] "stations2field"
[1] "Presumes that 'data.set' is a list of station objects"
[1] "bute"
[1] "braemar"
[1] "lerwick"
Error in stations2field(data.set = list(bute = bute.obj, braemar = braemar.obj,  : 
  object "i.data" not found

I went through the code of the function stations2field and it was not clear what i.data is.

I was wondering what can be done in such situation.
Thank you,

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