[R] multicomp plotting

Nair, Murlidharan T mnair at iusb.edu
Wed Oct 24 15:47:22 CEST 2007

Thanks, multicomp was a typo in the code I put in the email. I am using multcomp.
I did not understand the line attr(tmp, "type")<-"none" what is it doing?
I looked up type under arguments, which mentions it as multiplicity adjustment to be applied. Does the statement say no adjustments to be applied or does it have to do with attributes typeof?  I would appreciate if you could clarify this for me. Thanks.

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The multicomp package was replaced about a year ago with the multcomp

Your sig.data can be plotted with the multcomp package with the following

tmp <- list(confint=sig.data)
attr(tmp, "type") <- "none"
old.oma <- par(oma=c(0,1,0,0))

You will get more control if you start with your aov object, rather
than the derived sig.data object that you posted.

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