[R] extending zoo (or ts) objects

Felix Andrews felix at nfrac.org
Sat Oct 20 10:35:48 CEST 2007


I would like to extend zoo objects for use in a hydrological
application. By that I mean I want to attach various attributes, such
as id numbers, coordinates of the observation location, a units
specification, etc. I might also want to add to the "class" attribute
(inheriting from "zoo") and define some custom methods. I can add
attributes() to a zoo object, but the problem is that when I do
operations on the object, such as window, `[`, lag etc, the attributes
are lost. That makes it awkward to manage.

> foo <- zoo(1:5, order.by=as.Date(1:5))
> attr(foo, "location") <- c(150, -35)

The functions below all return a modified zoo object; test which ones
keep the user-specified attributes:

> attr(foo[1:4], "location")
> attr(window(foo), "location")
> attr(lag(foo), "location")
> attr(na.approx(foo), "location") ## this one keeps attributes
[1] 150 -35
> attr(rollmean(foo, 1), "location")
> attr(aggregate(foo, months, mean), "location")

I notice that many operations on ts objects have the same behaviour
(dropping user-specified attributes). In contrast, subsetting
(indexing) a data.frame keeps them, as I had expected.

Any ideas for how to manage this?


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