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I'm no expert in R but I think that read.table simply will not start a variable with a numeric.  If you really want
the names to be as listed below you can assign them after import by using :

names(mydata) <- c(name, "20_1_TT_Z_e4" "20_2_TT_Z_e4")

name is a factor as far as I can see because that is the default in your R-profile  
See http://finzi.psych.upenn.edu/R/Rhelp02a/archive/98227.html  for more details

name's mode is numeric because the underlying form of a factor is numeric.

do str(mydata) for a bit more information

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Maybe I had to write that the original data what I read are
   name 20_1_TT_Z_e4 20_2_TT_Z_e4
     A1           102            22
   A2           103            21
   A3           107            20
  Thatk you!

Neuer Arkadasch <neuer_arkadasch at yahoo.de> schrieb:
    Hi everyone, I read the following data
  > setwd("d:/")
> mydata <- read.table("mydata.txt", header=T)
> attach(mydata)
> mydata
  name X20_1_TT_Z_e4 X20_2_TT_Z_e4
1   A1           102            22
2   A2           103            21
3   A3           107            20
> name
[1] A1 A2 A3
Levels: A1 A2 A3
  > mode(name)
[1] "numeric"
Why name is a factor and numeric?  and why I do have X before the
 variable namin X20_1_TT_Z_e4? Is it possbile to have it as 20_1_TT_Z_e4 ?
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