[R] estfun & df

Achim Zeileis Achim.Zeileis at wu-wien.ac.at
Mon Oct 8 19:44:21 CEST 2007

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Abdus Sattar wrote:

> I need an URGENT help from you please!

This type of requests is not considered to be very polite, please have a 
look at the posting guide.

> How can I see the "estfun" (empirical estimating function)

I guess (because you are not telling us) that you would like to have an 
estfun() method for "lmer" objects. I don't provide one in my sandwich 
package (where the estfun generic is taken from) and AFAIK there is 
nothing analagous readily available in "lme4"... But I guess that you 
should be able to extract/compute the empirical estimating functions from 
the fitted "lmer" object.

> and "df" (degree of freedom) from the following mixed-model please?
> (fm1 <- lmer2(Reaction ~ Days + (Days|Subject), sleepstudy))

When you compute
it returns a "logLik" object that has a "df" attribute:
   attr(logLik(fm1), "df")


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