[R] Error message on script execution

Sébastien pomchip at free.fr
Mon Oct 8 18:04:11 CEST 2007

Dear R_users,

I have some troubles with a visual basic application I have recently 
created. This application automatically creates and executes an R script 
based on a dataset and settings defined by the user. The .r file 
(Create_Diagnostic_plots.r) is saved first in a given folder and then 
call using a CMD BATCH instruction in the shell. The problem is that the 
script is not executed on all the computers where this application has 
been "installed" (it is a simple .exe) - see the error message below. 
Please, note that the script runs fine on all computers when it is 
executed from the RGUI interface. My guess is that my CMD BATCH call is 
somehow wrong.

### This is the error message found at the end of a so-called 
'Create_Diagnostic_plots.r.Rout' file

Error: syntax error, unexpected $undefined in "
Execution halted

### This call is working fine

"D:\Program Files\R\R-2.5.1\bin\R.exe" CMD BATCH "E:\My 

### This one is not

"C:\Program Files (x86)\R\R-2.5.0\bin\R.exe" CMD BATCH 

I wonder if the problem comes from the brackets in Program Files (x86) 
but I could not find anything relevant about that in the help files.

As usual, your help will be greaty appreciated.


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