[R] special characters in linux using dev.print

Alexander.Herr at csiro.au Alexander.Herr at csiro.au
Mon Oct 8 05:49:55 CEST 2007

Hi List,

I want to print ± in a lattice graph label. This works in windows, but the linux version has problems - it cannot translate the character. Error is "invalid input in mbcsToLatin1".

I use the standard encoding and also dev.print(file="filename",dev=pdf, encoding="PDFDoc.enc")

I am afraid I don't know enough about the linux font encodings to figure out what to use. So I am hoping others using ± have already come across the trap.

Any help appreciated.

Using x86_64 opensuse 10.2, R2.5.0 (2007-04-23)

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