[R] r-package RDCOMClient

Marcin Kopaczynski marcin.kopaczynski at soundinvest.net
Wed Oct 3 14:59:21 CEST 2007


i was trying to perform a function from the RDCOMClient package. to make 
it short: i tried to run the example in ?.COM, namely
e <- COMCreate("Excel.Application")
books <- e[["Workbooks"]]

as soon as e[["Workbooks"]] is called, the RGUI crashes. debugging the 
function .COM reveals that somehow the connection between R and the 
external funcions does not work, because the crash happens when 
.Call("R_Invoke", obj, as.character(name), .args, ......) is called.

however, in the function COMCreate the .statement Call("R_create", name, 
PACKAGE = "RDCOMClient") works.

it doesnt work with the bloomberg connection, as well. maybe i have to 
install some additional things?

thx in advance for your help,

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