[R] Problem loading a txt file as a data.frame

Ettinger, Nicholas nicholas-ettinger at uiowa.edu
Tue Oct 2 20:53:39 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I know that this is a terribly banal question but I cannot seem to solve

I am trying to load in data from a tab-delimited text file.  Some
columns are mixed text-numbers and other columns are strictly numbers.
Some cells are blank.

My command is:
>MDMT_RPup	<-	read.table("GCRMA_MDM-T_RPup.txt", header=T,
sep="\t", row.names=NULL, fill=TRUE)

The problem is that this text file should load with 118 rows, 7 columns
of data.  But when I execute the following command:

I only get:
>40  7

Other similarly generated text files of varying sizes (9 rows, 72 rows,
etc.) seem to load just fine.

I have tried opening the text file in MS Excel and deleting all columns
to the right of the data in case there was some kind of hidden
character.  No help.

Any ideas?

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