[R] Ordering of names on X- and Y-axis

Michael Kaisser mkaisser at powerset.com
Tue Oct 2 04:33:44 CEST 2007


I am new to R.

I have a bit of data looking like this:

SemType, Length
GeoLocation, Sentence
GeneralInfo, Paragraphs
GeneralInfo, Paragraphs
GeneralInfo, Sentence
GeneralInfo, Paragraphs
NatLang, Phrase
Advice, Article
Advice, Article
Resource, Sentence
(roughly 40,000 lines in total)

I am interested in how many counts of each item in the second row I get for
each item in the first.

I read it in using
qt <- read.table("~/results.table", header=TRUE, sep=",")

And then I plot it:
plot(qt, col=color)

That works really fabulous, I am amazed.
BUT: R orders the names on the x- and y-axes ("Sentences", "Paragraphs" etc.
for y) alphabetically. That's a reasonable thing to do of course, especially
because I didn't tell R in which order I'd like to have them. Nevertheless,
I'd like to have them in a specific order ("Phrase", "Sentence",
"Paragraph", "Article" for y), and I cannot seem to find a way to tell R
about this.

Can anyone help?

Best Regards,

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