[R] Canonical Correlation Analysis

Nordlund, Dan (DSHS/RDA) NordlDJ at dshs.wa.gov
Tue Nov 20 17:11:24 CET 2007

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> Dear Sir/Madam,
>                              This is Animesh working on Canonical
> Correlation Analysis ( CCA ) and I am using CCA package in R. 
> I have a doubt
> and it may be very basic question. Hope someone will  get 
> back to me with
> answer. I am trying to follow the documentation of CCA but 
> could not make
> out some of the stuffs.
> 1) I simulated some of the data sets and got the result. I 
> want to ask you
> why there are two circles in the plots? and what does it 
> mean? And also how
> it decidces the center of the Circle.
> 2) X and Y axis values in between 1 and -1 . Is it due to max 
> and min values
> of correlation .
> 3) what is the dimensions means in X and Y axis?
> It will be very useful if someone help me out with probable solution.
> Thanks for your time
> Animesh


In order to get useful help, you should post the code you used to simulate your data, run the CCA, and create the plot, so we can see what you are seeing (as the posting guide suggests).


Daniel J. Nordlund
Research and Data Analysis
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
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