[R] negative binomial lmer

Bill.Venables at csiro.au Bill.Venables at csiro.au
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lmer will work with negative binomial models, provided you specify an
explicit, scalar value for theta.

Rather than family = negative.binomial(theta = x) try something like
family=negative.binomial(theta = 2.5) (or whatever you wish specify as

Bill Venables.

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If lmer() does not do it, you can try:


It handles negative binomial responce (but you may have to remove data
entries involving NA manually).



>I am running an lmer which works fine with family=poisson
>But it is overdispersed. I tried using family=quasipoisson but get no P
>values. This didnt worry me too much as i think my data is closer to
>negative binomial but i cant find any examples of negative binomial
lmer. I
>tried using the family=negative.binomial(theta=x,link=log) but got an
>message from R saying the function famiily=negative.binomial wasnt
>Can anyone suggest how to go about setting up the lmer with negative
>binomial distribution?

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