[R] update matrix with subset of it where only row names match

Martin Waller martinej.waller at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 12 22:54:51 CET 2007

I guess this has a simple solution:

I have matrix 'mat1' which has row and column names, e.g.:

	A	B	C
row1	0	0	0
row2	0	0	0
rown	0	0	0

I have a another matrix 'mat2', essentially a subset of 'mat1' where the 
rownames are all in 'mat1' e.g.:

row3	5
row8	6
row54	7

I want to insert the values of matrix mat2 for column B (in reality it 
could be some or all of column names A, B or C, etc.) (same name in both 
matrices if that matters - rownames of mat2 guaranteed to be in mat1) 
into matrix mat1 where the rownames match, so final desired result is:

matrix mat1:
	A	B	C
row1	0	0	0
row2	0	0	0
row3	0	5	0
row8	0	6	0
row54	0	7	0
rown	0	0	0

My solution was (along the lines of):


Is there a better way? It doesn't 'feel' right?

Thanks - hope I explained it right (its late and I had a little drink 
about an hour ago,etc....).


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