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Bjørn-Helge Mevik bhs2 at mevik.net
Tue May 29 09:53:33 CEST 2007

Nitish Kumar Mishra wrote:

> I have installed PLS package in R and use it for princomp & prcomp
> commands for calculating PCA using its example file(USArrests example).

Uhm.  These functions and data sets are not in the pls package; they
are in the stats and datasets packages that come with R.

> But How I can use PLS for Partial least square, R square, mvrCv one more
> think how i can import external file in R. When I use plsr, R2, RMSEP it
> show error could not find function plsr, RMSEP etc.
> How I can calculate PLS, R2, RMSEP, PCR, MVR using pls package in R.

There is an Rnews article describing the package¹, and a paper in
Journal of Statistical Software².

¹Mevik, B.-H. (2006); The pls package; R News  6(3), 12-17.

²Mevik, B.-H., Wehrens, R. (2007); The pls Package: Principal
Component and Partial Least Squares Regression in R; Journal of
Statistical Software  18(2), 1--24.

Bjørn-Helge Mevik

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