[R] Making links in per-session dir

Ronaldo Reis Junior chrysopa at gmail.com
Mon May 21 16:13:32 CEST 2007

Em Segunda 21 Maio 2007 08:31, Prof Brian Ripley escreveu:
> The short answer is no.
> When you say you have the 'hole R system installed', what did you mean?
> This is not slow if you have all of R installed, but it might be if you
> have all of CRAN installed.
> But how do you know that is where the time is being spent?  You get a
> message that it is making links, but not that it has finished doing so. I
> think you will find it is the next step (make.packages.html()) that takes
> the time.  On my system with all of CRAN and all of BioC installed, the
> linking takes about 3s and the next step takes 20 (at a time it was
> heavily loaded).


Yes, I have all CRAN installed.

> system.time(help.start())
Making links in per-session dir ...
If 'mozilla-firefox' is already running, it is *not* restarted, and you
    must switch to its window.
Otherwise, be patient ...
   user  system elapsed 
  8.176   1.132  88.853 

It create the HTML manuals for each session or only a package index?

But, if is not possible to speed-up the system, I will make a coffee :))


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