[R] simple plotting question

Ranjan Maitra maitra at iastate.edu
Sat May 19 21:29:31 CEST 2007


I have a very simple question which I can't see
how to figure out.

Basically, I have a matrix of plots, but I want 
no margin space in between them. I want a wide 
right margin (outside of the block of
plots) so that I can place a legend there.

I tried the following:

par("mar"=c(0,0,0,1), mfrow=c(4,4))
for (i in 8:23)  {

but I get a margin to the right of every 

Any ideas?

This is usually not a problem for me because I 
make each plot separately, but the journal 
requires no subfigures.

Many thanks and best wishes,

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