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Tue May 1 17:02:38 CEST 2007

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>I have been trying to visualize times of lowest tides, month by month.
> I have tide predictions with times either in unix time or a text
> format, and heights in feet or meters.  I had been able to derive the
> clock times of each prediction.   I would now like to graph this data
> with points showing heights as "r" and times as "theta", from 0000 to
> 2355.  There is a seasonal component: I am interested in displaying
> times of lowest tides in particular.

Does this get you started?


theta <- seq(0, 23.5, by=0.5)
r <- runif(length(theta), 5, 10)

clock24.plot(r, theta, main="Polar Plot")


clock24.plot(r, theta, main="Polar Plot", rp.type="p")

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