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> Hi again,
> The idea of preprocessing is mainly based on the need to prepare the data
> before they are actually used in pattern extraction.or feed the data
> into EA's (Genetic Algorithm) There are no standard practice yet however,
> the frequently used on are
> 1. the extraction of derived attributes that is quantities that accompany
> but not directly related to the data patterns and may prove meaningful or
> increase the understanding of the patterns
> 2. the removal of some existing attributes that should be of no concern to
> the mining process and its insignificance
> So i looking for a package that can do this two above mentioned points....
> Initially i would like to visualize the data into pattern and understand the
> patterns.


You might take a look at the package rattle on CRAN for initially looking at your data and doing some basic data mining.

Hope this is helpful,


Daniel Nordlund
Bothell, WA, USA

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