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Ivan Baxter ivan.baxter at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 17:02:03 CET 2007

doh-trying again- this time remember text only.
Hello all-  I am having trouble with the cell sizes that heatmap
defaults too.  I have a matrix of 160 rows and 5 columns that I am
trying to display with heatmap(). When I do this, the cells default to
really wide and very short. This makes the labels for the rows very
hard to read, in fact the only way I can read them is to make the jpeg
output very large and zoom in, and even then it's hard to read and the
cells are so wide that  you can't see the dendrogram while seeing the
labels. I would like to try to have a tall, skinny heatmap with row
labels big enough to read.

I was able to get closer to what I want with this command...
jpeg(file = "view_heat.jpg",width = 4000, height = 6000)
heatmap(elmat,col= brewer.pal(9,"PuOr"), cexCol = .8, margin = c(.01,130)) #

but it only uses a quarter of the jpeg and it is still really hard to
see both the dendrogram on the left and read the labels on the right.
Is there a way I can set the actual width and height of the cells so I
can use the full size of the jpeg and read my labels?

thanks in advance


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